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Viimeisin kommentti: 2 vuotta sitten käyttäjältä Hunsvotti aiheessa 7 and j7 is better then b7 and 7

7 and j7 is better then b7 and 7[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

I like your work and paintings. It would be better to use the Intervalles like there were used in chords. You have got a G7 and a Gj7, an Am7 and an Amj7. You don't use G7b or Am7b. No tabulature-editor like TuxGuitar, GuitarPro ir PowerTabs do that. With 7 and j7 I would like to use your SVG. By the way, I made some tabularures with Lilipond. Check out my user-page. Use it, if you like. Greetings from the german wikibooks --Mjchael (keskustelu) 9. joulukuuta 2021 kello 22.02 (UTC)Vastaa

Thanks for your comment! I don't have any good source, but if you google [1] it, you can see that everybody uses b7 for minor seventh. This page isn't really about chords, but scales. There are actually separate graphs that show the intervals with regards to chords (for example here). I think music is full of this kind of conflicting notation. If you want to make your own images, you can download the files and open them in a text editor. They are easy to edit by hand. --Hunsvotti (keskustelu) 11. joulukuuta 2021 kello 17.36 (UTC)Vastaa